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At Accessibility Lab

We promote the right to accessibility in the digital era.

Do you know how difficult is to surf the web for people with disabilities?

How can someone who does not see make a bank transaction, buy a ticket or order a pizza online?

We all have the right to have accessible websites.

Sandra with motor disability working on her laptop.
María with visual disability sharing data from her laptop.

What is Web Accessibility?

It is when the internet is accessible to ALL and the functionality can be operated by any user, including seniors and people with disabilities. Accessibility removes barriers when transmitting, receiving or understanding information.

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Regulatory framework

  • Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.
  • General Law for the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Federal law to prevent and eliminate discrimination.
  • Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law.
  • General Law on transparency and access to public information.
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